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Player Comparison

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Skater Comparison

Tool providing stats on skaters and allowing easy comparisons

Goalie Comparison

Tool providing stats on goalies and allowing easy comparisons

Skater Cards

An easy visual comparison tool for skaters

Wondering which option to select?

Skater Comparison Tool:
This tool will allow you to put on 2 sides 2 different players and see a bit more in details their stats. I do enjoy having a look at their shooting percentage for example there to see whether a player might be a bit on the lucky side of things in his goals. Its also a tad easier to off performance patterns etc.
Goalie Comparison Tool:
This tool is the trickiest one. Goalies are not easy to evaluate as they do not play as often as skaters are and there is no easy way to tag whether a goalie was absent due to injury or if it was a coaching decision. This tool will however provide a general overview of the goalies.
Skater Cards:
These are a visual tool to see whether a player is matching what is expected of him in a few key stats: Goals, Assists, SOG, Hits & Blocks.
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