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This page takes a few seconds to load data.

You can start filling the input boxes as soon as they appear with your league settings

Quick Tips

To use this page, give it a few seconds to load and then, start filling the input boxes. As a lot of leagues have different parameters, this was the best way to provide a compatible tool for everyone.

The blue boxes are for skaters and the green ones are for goalies.

The black input boxes should be filled with a number from 0 to 100 depending on what you seek and for a maximum of 100 between those 2 boxes.

If you put 100 in “Current Season Weight %” and 0 in “Last 3 Year Weight %”, it simply means you want to see the value of the players according to this season only.

If you put 100 in “Last 3 Year Weight %” and 0 in “Current Season Weight %”, it means you want to see the value of the players according to their past 3 season (without counting the current one).


Another option would be putting 50 in both, which would provide you a balance of past data vs current data.

Below the tables with the player pictures you can find “Season Total “ and “ROS Total”. Season Total helps you see the total value of the selected players whereas ROS Total will provide visibility on the expected points they should bring in from now to the 82nd match. The ROS Total seems to be extremely useful especially with all the postponed matches we had to deal with in 2020 & in 2021.

Finally, at the end of this page you will find a chart providing you visibility on the distribution of the points in your league. This should come as useful early on when the commissioners setup the league.

I can say I have found comfort with the setup we are playing on, on a 12-man Fantasy Pool.

Our current setup is the following:

  • Goals: 3 points
  • Assists : 2 points
  • SHG: 2 points
  • SHA: 1 point
  • GWG: 2 points
  • Shot on Goal: 0.25 points
  • Hits: 0.25 points
  • Blocks: 0.25 points
  • Wins: 3 points
  • GA: -1 point
  • Saves: 0.2 point
  • SHO: 5 points

I have provided you our setup as a suggestion and to inform you on what the tables there are built based on.

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