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Simple & Quick Checklist to a Fair Trade in Hockey Fantasy Pools

  1. Look at current value of the player
  2. Look at past value of the player
  3. Look at the positions won & lost
  4. Look at the surrounding linemates

A Fantasy Pool without a few players not active as much as we wished seems rare. I’ve often lurked on r/fantasyhockey on Reddit or in the Yahoo comments section and it seems like every pool as those kinds of players.

Knowing that it is unavoidable, I think that building a transparent trade process is the best thing a commissioner could do.

A trade judgement shouldn’t only be a “I wouldn’t take this trade”. It should judge whether it’s a fair one or not.

To do so, the above checklist should be helpful. 

Here is how I would action it:

Look at current value of the player

Go in the Trade Center, input all your league point settings and select the players. In the black box, input 100 in the “Current Season Weight %”.  You will see 2 things out of this:

  • The total value of the players in your league based on this season
  • The value those players will bring in for the rest of the season based on this season

ROS seems to be rather important with all the postponed games were getting in 2020, 2021 & 2022.

Finally, a last one which could be added to this step would be to have a look on your app on the last 30 days average. A player could have performed very well early on and to be spiraling on a downtrend.

Look at past value of the player

This one is a quick one once you’ve done the previous step. Just remove 100 from the “Current Season Weight %” and add it to “Last 3 Year Weight %”.  You should be able to see whether the player is performing to the same level as he did in the past.

Look at the positions won & lost

First thing first, do both GMs trade the same type of players or is one suddenly removing all his defense to get 1 good player. In the Trade Center, there is a graph under the player tables that display the points dispersion among all active NHL players according to your league settings.

As you can see, with our league setup, good defenders should be privileged as we have 4 spots and they are the type of player bringing the least points in our league.

In this case scenario, a good defender should definitely be traded for better than an equal point left wing or right-wing player as a good right wing player is much more common than a good defender.

Look at the surrounding linemates

This one brings a bit more subjectivity to it, but good linemates ensure the player will stay consistent with his performance or will see it grow. Ensure the player is well surrounded and or else, make sure that the GM adding a less well surrounded player ads more to the trade to compensate the risk.

Wrap up

Hopefully this helps you deal with those inactive GMs in your leagues and help bring transparency in your decisions!

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